New Concept for DJI Phantom X

DJI has released a fresh video showcasing the Phantom X Concept RC-AVTI, which is truly amazing to view.

“We all loved the 1980s’ sci-fi visions for the future — the best way drones zipped around, blending in like a natural part of daily life. What if we stated the predictions created in these sci-fi classics have become reality? With the DJI Phantom X, we turn wide-eyed desires for future possibilities into fact with multi-angle shooting, AI, obstacle avoidance and free-flight object tracking,” says DJI, then goes on to demonstrate. Check carbon fiber camera guard page.

Emphasizing the capabilities on the drone for capturing action footage, it describes the drone being a “tool for creativity.” With enhanced capabilities to capture action or sports footage which has a drone following a player or performer, we have beautiful -and fast- footage of the biker riding from the forest, since the drone ducks gracefully under tree branches that you follow. Check shoulder lanyard page.

Some of such features are available in DJI’s Phantom 3; ground-facing GPS permitting great obstacle avoidance, speeds of 35 mph, along with a great camera. But more interesting are features that individuals haven’t seen before. With a “Skywriting” feature, the Phantom X allows operators to create gorgeous flight designs via a flight. Multi-cam synching is demonstrated having an operator synchronizing two drones to check out a biker from different angles, all from his smart watch. And, because amazing footage isn’t any fun if nobody sees it, the playback quality introduces a social websites aspect towards the technology, allowing footage to become shared with social network.

The video features industry players from film, social media marketing, and also the art world. The beautiful Chloe Bennet (Agent S.H.I.E.L.D.) covers the drone industry’s a cure for the future of drones in daily life, saying: “It’s not just about technology… It’s a legitimate lifestyle.”


New Real-World Drone Simulator About To be Launched

A Maryland-based UAV firm is looking on the virtual world to help you drone pilots better navigate the true one.

Cobb UAS, a drone services company which helps train and equip public safety organizations, recently announced the making of droneSim Pro – a UAV flight-simulation program that its creators say will faithfully reproduce real-world physics.

Companies like Cobb UAS already provide classroom and hands-on training; however, Cobb President Jason Hershcopf says that such methods could be inadequate depending on space and equipment availability.

“They are section of the solution in drone safety, though the amount of flight time varies and is also limited.,” Hershcopf said within a DRONELIFE interview. “However, our simulator permits you to fly a drone on your desktop without regard to weather, flight restrictions, or costly drone damage,” he added – “droneSim Pro allows pilots to fly every time they want, without having to be tethered on their drone.” Check Carbon Fiber Camera Guard page.

Hershcopf and company developed droneSim Pro using real-world physics to make a realistic flying experience. While creating the software program, the developers could actually fly real drones to improve understand the mechanics of flight.

“The lead developer had never flown a drone before, but we have spent many hours utilizing the simulator, he removed and was easily competent to fly the drone,” Hershcopf recalls.

The droneSim Pro was designed to form only one portion of the total training curriculum for drone clients, this company stated. Cobb UAS developed droneSim Pro as portion of the training curriculum for the clients. The company currently offers open field and obstacle scenarios for learning basic flight controls and maneuverability. The real application payoff is flying in reality-based scenarios — particularly for pilots inside the public safety arena through which drones is usually an invaluable asset in situational awareness.

“Fire chiefs and officers have a general comprehension of what drones are capable of doing, but once we suggest to them just how instrumental drones could be, it’s a game changer,” Hershcopf said. “Now, with droneSim Pro, they’ve got the ability to train their pilots to fly how they would during an actual fire. Sure, they are able to wait for a real fire incident to find out and practice, except for many jurisdictions, those are few in number,” he added.

“A real incident isn’t best the perfect time to have initial on-the-job training.”

Police Cars With Drones Says Microsoft

Reminiscent of KITT through the 1980’s TV series “Knight Rider,” Microsoft’s Advanced Patrol Platform (MAPP) car has everything – drone included. The MAPP car is built to provide cops with all of the information that they can need in a elegant interface, constructed into a patrol car and accessible while on an officer’s mobile device. The report on information open to police personnel throughout the interface is formidable: it includes dispatch communications, driving directions, suspect histories, a voice-activated license plate reader, weaponry testing persons list, location-based crime bulletins, and shift reports. Check Skyreat Lens Cap Cover page.

Now, Microsoft announced yesterday, it can include an Aeryon Labs drone to supply aerial imagery. Canadian drone manufacturer Aeryon Labs will supply its SkyRanger™ drone on the MAPP cars, which will supply aerial views towards the integrated data platform, allowing officers to gauge ongoing situations in real time, or gather forensic evidence from your crime scene. Here is Skyreat page.

The SkyRanger is usually a vertical takeoff and landing drone, that has a 50 minute flight time. The product description states so it offers single-operator transport and deployment, which is ideal for government and commercial use because of its stability in high winds and adverse conditions.

“Law enforcement organizations all over the world rely on Aeryon sUAS to get aerial intelligence whenever and wherever they need it,” said Dave Kroetsch, president and CEO of Aeryon Labs Inc. “Including SkyRanger in the MAPP vehicle rounds out the comprehensive suite of technologies and highlights the need for aerial intelligence for ground-based personnel.”

Microsoft introduced the MAPP vehicle last July in the FBI National Academy Associates Conference.

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GoPro With New Drone

GoPro offered a “sneak peek” of footage captured off their new drone, and yes it looks great. The camera company specifies that this footage was taken using the new drone prototype, and used no post-production stabilization. The footage is impressive – and it also looks like GoPro could possibly be on its way in the consumer drone market.

GoPro’s foray into drone manufacturing could be a “make it or break it” move with the company. In July, this company told MarketWatch which they believed drones were the right way to expand their business. “Privately operated UAVs certainly are a big opportunity,” GoPro spokesman Jeff Brown told MarketWatch. “We believe the recent spike in adoption is because of the jaw-dropping video content generated by consumers.” Check Skyreat Lens Cap Cover page.

Goldman Sachs agreed using them. When Sachs initiated coverage on GoPro in July, analyst Simona Jankowski told StreetInsider the successful growth of the business depended upon their new foray into drone manufacturing. Check Skyreat page.

“…in our view GPRO’s CY16E P/E of 28X makes it necessary that GoPro sustain 20%-plus growth in the next three-plus years, which depends on the success of its entry in the drone market in 2016 properly its content monetization. …We believe this expansion makes strategic sense, as consumer drones typically carry cameras (quite often GoPro’s) to capture aerial footage, along with their users have a very large overlap with GoPro’s subscriber base,” said Jankowski. “From financial perspective, GoPro would need to expand with an adjacency for instance drones to be able to maintain a 20%-plus growth rate.”

Not everyone agrees how the company will likely be successful. Chinese manufacturer DJI, who currently holds over 40% from the market in the US, says that making a drone isn’t as easy as it appears.

“Generally, developing a new drone is significantly harder than making a new phone or camera,” DJI spokesman Michael Perry told MarketWatch. “The quantities of quality control and testing involved are significantly tougher for teams with smaller R&D teams.”

“DJI has maintained our lead already in the market due to our world-leading flight controller technology determined by millions of flight hours, that’s hard for newcomers to duplicate,” Perry said.

GoPro released the sneak peek on Wednesday after market shares of the business fell over 15%, after having a missed earnings and purchases forecast.

Puma Drone For Seals Watching

Like their reclusive namesake, Hawaiian monk seals are in remote, almost-impossible-to-reach aspects of the Northern Hawaiian Islands.

Until recently, researchers looking to track this endangered species braved dangerous treks over volcanic stones and coral reefs – at the very least until they unleashed the Puma, a military-grade, fixed wing drone manufactured by AeroVironment.

Hakai magazine writer Kim Steutermann Rogers reports that researchers aboard the Oscar Elton Sette recently deployed the UAV over a test flight. Using powerful zoom lenses, the drone may help researchers identify and observe previously stenciled monk seals along with take measurements to remember growth together with birth rates.

The Puma sports a 10-foot wingspan – slightly greater than two native birds, the truly great frigatebird as well as the black-footed albatross. This means that the drone’s presence isn’t very likely to scare away the seals considering they are used to winged neighbors. Check DJI Phantom Professional.

“The long-term vision is usually to have a fixed-wing [UAS] aircraft on all research ships employed in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, plus a hexacopter on every island where there’s an area camp,” Lieutenant Michael Marino with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration told Rogers.

For AeroVironment, your research program is simply another illustration of how it is re-purposing military drones for civilian use. The company recently broke over the commercial sector after garnering a Section 333 exemption on the FAA. A few years ago, the U.S. government authorized BP to fly the Puma to conduct surveys in Alaska, stating that “the Puma UAS is made with LiDAR and also other sensor technologies that work well to collect data and imagery of pipelines, roads and gravel pits.”

The Puma is among many drones showing up in the high seas for research purposes. Perhaps the most visible project may be the hilariously-named Snotbot, a copter drone which could quietly and unobtrusively fly in a whale’s spray of discharged water and mucus and get samples without harassing the whale. Students from Olin College of Engineering in Needham, Mass. designed the in partnership with Ocean Alliance.

More recently, OpenROV Trident produced splash inside the crowdfunded waters of Kickstarter being an underwater, tethered drone suitable for maritime exploration.

News: Drones Need Registraion

If you buy a drone this Christmas, you might want to register it which causes the area fly it. NBC News reports today that this US Transportation Department will announce Monday its intend to require drone registration for everyone consumer drones. The US Transportation Department declined to comment, stating will they would to push out a statement on Monday; however the rumor which DroneLife reported on latest research by would appear really was. DJI Phantom 3 is one of them.

Reportedly, the Transportation Department will convene an undertaking force in the future to establish the particular requirements with the registration program. The task force are going to be expected to deliver recommendations these week. The extremely short period of time frame represents hard work to put policy in position by Christmas.

The news provides a blow to drone advocates, as Michael Drobac, head with the lobbying group Small UAV Coalition, told the Wall Street Journal. “This is in step with what I think they’re doing, unfortunately, that’s fear mongering…I think [regulators] looking to create the impression that drones tend to be dangerous compared to they are,” said Drobac. Drone advocates have long argued that codification of drone regulations and education of drone operators could well be more effective than cumbersome licensing or registration systems. Drone for sale.

Currently, drones will not be required to be registered, considered “hobby aircraft.” “Hobby aircraft” are necessary to fly below 400 ft, but drones are clearly easily in a position to exceed that altitude restriction. The move from the Transportation Department will be the latest within a flurry of activity from government departments to attempt to track and control drone flight near airports or government buildings.

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 Quadcopter With Gimbal

DJI Company has gotten you a Quad copter with quantity of notable features.

These features make this DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 Quadcopter with Gimbal gadget more beneficial to all. You can do excellent aerial photography with this particular small quad copter. To capture the crystalline take a look at our mother Earth from sky, you ought to have DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 Quad copter.

DJI update its product by including far more efficient motors, a whole new radio controller, powerful fight batteries and added a Gimbal control dial, and then there are various improvements which will make the product more useful every field. As Phantom 2 (one other product of company) additionally it is based on air frame, nonetheless it make different with the addition of 14 mega-pixel Camera that is certainly control and stabilize by 3-axes Gimbal.

There are numerous awesome features that can give you the answer why it is vital to buy this system. So in the event you are wanting to do aerial photography, then don’t think much, just look at features and order it now.


It got a fabulous camera to capture images. It has 14 member of parliment cameras that is connected with 3 axis Gimbal for stabilization and control. It can also record 1920 x 1080 resolution video. It is control via Wi-Fi by employing app in smartphone’s and tablets. It got the inner MicroSD card for that storage of recording. You may also share your better photograph on your friends via Facebook, twitter, YouTube along with other social Networking sites.

In the gadget, you have two computer-assisted flight modes: GPS altitude mode and altitude mode. GPS altitude is automatic; should you release the joystick or interrupt to regulate the quad copter it will stop automatically and hover still in horizontal position. The second is the altitude mode that’s manual, within this mode phantom will not be stay in any fixed position after you release your hand from controlling it. It will continue its motion until and unless it’s stop by friction caused by air. So in GPS mode you may stabilize your quad copter in air.

Don’t worry in the event you lost your phantom on the horizon, just press “Return to Home”, your aircraft will first ascend to 60 feet this will come straight away to the position where it became popular.

To rotate the quad copter continuously you must have a control in Yaw axis. But most of people get confuse concerning the direction, if they press forward it move backward, in case they press right it move left. So the controls become confusing. But don’t be worried about it; DJI designed intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) in order to avoid all the confusion to managing. It keeps the tail on the quad copter towards pilot.

DJI Vision app in Androids and iOS touch screen phone provide a lot of functions, it is possible to see the quantity of GPS satellites, battery backup of your respective quad copter, fully featured of phantom’s camera like: camera angle, ISO, White balance, Shutters speed and also by taping it is possible to record video and capture pictures through your phone. You can download the image you click on your phone and instantly share it in social media marketing networks.

In Phantom 2 Vision+ V3.0 you’ll receive a battery slot of 5200mAh inside the tail of phantom. Phantom is able to keep flying around 25 mints. There are 4 LED charge indicators which indicate the in regards to the battery condition. LED lights not just indicate about battery condition what’s more, it indicates about calibration of GPS system and in addition indicate as soon as your gadget no longer has enough range. Color with the light could be sometime: green, amber or red, light may flash or solid it all depends upon the indication.

It got a RF remote transmitter of 5.8 GHz which may have dual joystick control. Left stick control yaw (Rotation) and throttle (up/down), and right stick control pitch (to tilt the nose up/down) and roll (tilt side-to-side). To activate GPS flight and Altitude mode you must choose a first turn on top right. And on top left switch is always to activate IOC mode.

To improve the thrust and efficiency, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is applied to the redesigned propellers. It provides the thrust of 200gm per axis.

Phantom got an auto of Phantom 2 2312 and recommended takeoff weight 300gm per axis, maximum tension of 800g per axis, stator dimension is 23 x 12 mm/ 0.9 x 0.5”, Velocity in the motor is 960 rpm/V and dealing temperature is between -5 to 10 degree centigrade.

Generally phantom’s hover accuracy for vertical: 0.8 m and then for horizontal: 2.5 m. Maximum angular velocity in Yaw is 200 degree/sec; maximum tilt angle is 35 degree. It takes a maximum flight velocity of 15 m/s. And the weight of DJI Phantom 2 vision+ V3.0 quad copter is 1242 gm.

Area of Usage:

This gadget is easy use in various fields like aerial photography, cinematography, research fields, etc. Its excellent features make more appealing to the people who will be interested in photography. There a variety of commercial by using it like photographers of varied newspapers can’t take photo of celebrities because of too much gatherings of your companion, to make sure they choose quad copter to select the photos of these celebrities quickly. Militaries find many hidden objects by sending quad copter. It helps those to rescue from enemy. It also allow us to for entertainment, you might find your friend where he/she will be through this gadgets. It’s really quite definitely helpful to explore the points without relocating that spot. You can also benefit from the scenic views of earth from space.

So just what are you thinking? Is this gadget forces you to bore? I think “NO!” so don’t wait for second just order this quad copter today and love it. It will help someone to watch your city from top. Hence you need to thank DJI for building this innovative gadget that changes the sketch of world as well as our thoughts. Ones we suppose that if I might be a bird I would fly around the globe, these days DJI make our dream true.